Porch.com Shares Top Home Improvement Projects in Each State

A new data report from Porch reveals the most popular home projects across the country

SEATTLE, March 30, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Porch.com (http://porch.com), the home network for homeowners and home professionals, today shared a new data report that outlines the top home improvement projects for all 50 states.

An infographic accompanying this release is available at https://media.globenewswire.com/cache/29193/file/32923.pdf

"When it comes to investing in our homes and properties, there seems to be no shortage of projects to complete," said Anne Reagan, Editor-In-Chief of Porch. "Where we spend our money, and who we hire to complete projects, may be due to the nature our home or property, regional differences, seasonal influences, or financial incentives. Understanding which projects are performed in each state may help you understand your own to-do list better as well as the general housing market."

Residential construction was the largest percentage, with 29% of states having that as their number one project. Residential construction indicates new home construction, additions and renovation projects, where a multitude of permits are filed.

Roofs and roofing projects (such as roof replacement and servicing) occupied 12% of the states while mechanical and ventilation projects, like heating, cooling and air conditioning (HVAC) and furnace installation showed up for 10% of the states.

Full results from the report can be found here: http://porch.com/advice/popular-home-projects-usa/

Here are top home improvement projects for all 50 states.

  1. Alabama – Residential Construction
  2. Alaska – Bathroom Remodeling
  3. Arizona – Swimming Pool Construction
  4. Arkansas – Residential Construction
  5. California – Window Treatments Installation
  6. Colorado – Roof Replacement
  7. Connecticut – Lawn Treatment
  8. Delaware – HVAC Services
  9. Florida – Roof Replacement
  10. Georgia – Residential Construction
  11. Hawaii – Solar Installation
  12. Idaho – HVAC Services
  13. Illinois – Pest Control
  14. Indiana – Lawn Treatment
  15. Iowa – Plumbing Services
  16. Kansas – Roof Replacement
  17. Kentucky – Lawn Treatment
  18. Louisiana – Residential Construction
  19. Maine – Pest Control
  20. Maryland – Residential Construction
  21. Massachusetts – Lawn Treatment
  22. Michigan – Residential Construction
  23. Minnesota – Furnace Installation
  24. Mississippi – Residential Construction
  25. Missouri – Electrical Services
  26. Montana – Roof Replacement
  27. Nebraska – Furnace Installation
  28. Nevada – Plumbing Services
  29. New Hampshire – Lawn Treatment
  30. New Jersey – Electrical Services
  31. New Mexico – Residential Construction
  32. New York – Plumbing Services
  33. North Carolina – Residential Construction
  34. North Dakota – Window Installation
  35. Ohio – Electrical Services
  36. Oklahoma – Roofing Services
  37. Oregon – Residential Construction
  38. Pennsylvania – HVAC Services
  39. Rhode Island – Roof Replacement
  40. South Carolina – Residential Construction
  41. South Dakota – Window Installation
  42. Tennessee – Residential Construction
  43. Texas – Residential Construction
  44. Utah – Garage Door Repair
  45. Vermont – Pest Control
  46. Virginia – Residential Construction
  47. Washington – Residential Construction
  48. West Virginia – Pest Control
  49. Wisconsin – Electrical Services
  50. Wyoming – Pest Control

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