Porch.com Announces Pro Dashboard as Home Network Exceeds 2.8 Million Professionals

Porch, the Home Network, Delivers Analytics Platform as Home Network Nearly Doubles in Size

SEATTLE, Nov. 5, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, Porch.com (http://porch.com) announced availability of the Pro Dashboard, an analytics and marketing platform for home improvement professionals that will give them real time insights into the performance of their Porch profile and who to target. This comes as the Porch home network has nearly doubled in the last year growing from 1.5M professionals to over 2.8M home improvement professionals.

Introducing the Pro Dashboard

Effective immediately, professionals will be able to access the Pro Dashboard through their Porch business account. The first release of the Porch Dashboard will provide home improvement professionals the following information and insights.

  • Profile Analytics: Every professional will be able to see how their profile is performing through visibility of key metrics such as total views, number of search result views, profile rank against competitors, and total number of project views.
  • Homeowner Contacts: To help ensure professionals can manage their conversations with current and potential clients so they never miss a lead, the Pro Dashboard gives all professionals the ability to track and manage the calls they are receiving from potential customers. Homeowner Contacts also provides the ability to track and manage the calls and emails they are receiving from potential customers.
  • Homeowner Watchlist*: With Homeowner Watchlist, professionals will be able to maintain a relationship with past clients and projects they have completed for them. This also includes the delivery of alerts to professionals that will indicate when a past client moves to a new address. The Homeowner Watchlist will help professionals maintain relationships and offer services that are relevant to them once their move is complete. The Homeowner Watchlist will be made available to Porch Premium members over the coming months.
  • Competitive Insights*: Knowing how you rank against your competitors is an essential data insight that every professional needs. Through the availability of Competitive Insights, Porch Premium members will gain real-time insights into how their profile ranks and performs against those of their competition.

Over the coming months Porch intends to add further features and functionality to the Pro Dashboard using unique and exclusive data, all targeted at helping professionals manage and grow their business. Additional details will be made available at a later date.

Professional Profiles Grow

Porch launched in September 2013 with 1.5 million professionals as part of its network. Today the number of professionals on Porch exceeds 2.8 million (and is growing everyday).

"The last year has been one of tremendous growth for our business," said Matt Ehrlichman, chief executive officer of Porch. "Throughout all the growth we have been focused on delivering more exposure and unique insights to professionals to help them manage and ultimately grow their business. We appreciate the opportunity and responsibility we have to partner with small businesses to help them stay ahead of the curve by giving them the tools they need to thrive and delight their customers."

"As a result of the leads I am getting from my profile, I can say with a high degree of confidence that Porch has fundamentally changed my business," said Erick Morales, owner and operator of EM Handyman. "Not only am I getting more jobs, but I am getting higher quality leads as a result of the analytics and insights I receive from Porch. The relationship has been great for my business."

*Available for Porch Premium members only.

About Porch

Porch is the home network, free for homeowners and professionals. With over 2.8 million professionals and over 120 million projects, Porch enables homeowners to make smart home improvement decisions by giving them the services they need to find the right professionals, get inspiration, and manage their home. For more information about Porch visit http://porch.com.

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