Porch.com Releases Quarterly Home Improvement Data Trends Report

Porch.com, the Home Improvement Network, Shares National Insights on Trending Home Improvement Projects and Home Professionals

SEATTLE, Sept. 3, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, Porch.com (http://porch.com), the home improvement network, released the most recent installment of the Porch Data Trends Report, continuing Porch's commitment of helping homeowners make informed home improvement decisions through unique data insights and analytics.

Porch Data Trends September 2014

The first Porch Data Trends Report, which was released three months ago, provided insights and information to assist homeowners looking to buy or sell a home in the spring and summer months. Likewise, this edition of the Porch Data Trends Report provides homeowners looking to buy or sell a home with interesting trends and insights as it pertains to the popularity of home improvement projects and the hiring of home improvement professionals in preparation for the fall and winter months.

An infographic accompanying this release is available at https://www.globenewswire.com/newsroom/prs/?pkgid=27435.

"Similar to the first Porch Data Trends Report, we wanted to use unique data insights and analytics from the Porch network to help homeowners get the most out of their home, which for many is the biggest investment in their lives," says Matt Ehrlichman, Chief Executive Officer at Porch. "As we transition into fall and winter, homeowners planning to sell or a buy a home should invest in the right home improvement projects to appeal to potential buyers, or to protect a recently purchased home."

Porch issues the Data Trends Report every quarter, using insights from the 1.5 million professionals and over 100 million projects in their network to share analysis into what is happening within the home improvement space. Through analysis of their data, Porch will be able to share national, regional, and local insights into how homeowners are spending their money, what types of professionals they are hiring, the types of projects they are completing, and economic indicators such as project Return on Investment (ROI) and Average Project Cost (APC).

Porch Data Trends Report September 2014

Which home improvement professionals are most popular before selling a home?

Professionals Before Selling
Handymen 22% General Contractors 16% Handymen 32% Handymen 21% Handymen 35%
HVAC 13% Handymen 14% Window Contractors 25% HVAC 17% Window Contractors 21%
Electricians 12% Painters 10% Electricians 13% Electricians 16% Plumbers 15%
Plumbers 10% Plumbers 9% HVAC 10% Plumbers 11% Lawn Irrigation 6%
General Contractors 9% Window Contractors 8% Remodeling Contractors 5% General Contractors 9% General Contractors 4%
Percentage results reflect the likelihood of sellers to hire a particular professional type above the national average
  • General Contractors and Handymen continue to show up in all areas of the country as one of the most hired professionals before selling a home. Homeowners are likely looking to do small projects that add additional ROI and value on their home before they sell it.
  • Compared to a few months ago, Window Contractors have become increasingly popular in most areas of the country. If windows are poorly insulated or have broken screens potential buyers will be sure to notice during the inspection process, and this will be a cause for concern for not only the summer heat, but for the cold months ahead when windows need to be sealed tightly and properly insulated to keep cold air out and warm air in.
  • Plumbing is consistent across the country, as we expect it to be as Plumbing is a core part of the home's infrastructure.

In addition to looking at the Top 5 most popular Professional Types, Porch also took a look at the Average Project Cost (APC) for those that were in the #1 slot.

Professionals Before Selling
Handymen 22% $997
General Contractors 16% $10,626
Handymen 32% $490
Handymen  21% $1,452
Handymen 35% $398

Which home improvement projects are most popular after buying a home?

Projects After Buying
Door Replacement  7% $1,796 Door Replacement 10% $2,224 Door Replacement 14% $267 Roof Repair/Replacement 5% $9,905 New Door 12% $1,919
Roof Repair/Replacement 3% $10,793 Roof Repair/Replacement 4% $16,365 HVAC Repair/Replacement 1% $2,827 New Door 3% $4,614 Roof Repair/Replacement 1% $23,048
New Garage 2% $132,002 Interior Painting 3% $6,354 Electrical Updates 1% $8,699 New Garage 3% $135,480 Interior Painting 1% $5,655
Electrical Update 1% $31,393 New Garage 1% $141,200 Roof Repair 1% $7,190 Electrical Updates 1% $33,754 New Windows 1% $18,333
Interior Painting 1% $3,786 Exterior Painting 1% $2,214 New Deck 1% $6,478 Interior Painting 1% $2,341 New Garage 1% $72,900
Percentage results reflect the likelihood of homeowners to complete a specific project above the national average
  • Porch found that Door Replacements are currently one of the most popular projects homeowners tackle after purchasing a new home. As an instant way boost curb appeal and update a newly purchased home, it also brings an ROI of over 100 percent in most areas of the country.
  • Roof Repair and Replacement is also an exceedingly popular project done to newly purchased homes. Not only do the summer months provide the dry weather required for Roofing Projects, but typically Roofing issues and repair costs are negotiated during home inspections which motivate people to get their roofing issues fixed in the early months of owning a new home.
  • Interior Painting is also a popular project, as it allows homeowners to put their personal touch on their new home at a relatively low cost.

In addition to looking at the Top 5 most popular Professional Types, Porch also took a look at the project Return on Investment (ROI) and Average Project Cost (APC) for those that were in the #1 slot.

Projects After Buying
Door Replacement 7% 136% $1,796
Door Replacement 10% 114% $2,224
Door Replacement 14% 213% $267
Roof Repair/Replacement 15% 15% $9,905
Door Replacement 13% 106% $916

The most searched for professionals on Porch.com (over the last 30 days)

30 Day Search
Painters Painters Painters Painters Painters
Plumbers Plumbers Plumbers Plumbers Plumbers
Electricians Electricians Electricians  Electricians Electricians 
Roofers Handymen Roofers Roofers Roofers
Handymen  Roofers General Contractors Handymen  Handymen 
  • Painters were the most searched pro type across the nation in the past 30 days. Porch was not surprised to see this trend, as painting is generally a popular project with homeowners, and summertime is also the ideal climate for exterior painting due to dry weather.
  • Roofers increased in the search rankings in the Midwest and South since Porch's last Data Trends Report. We attribute this to homeowners preparing for harsher weather in the upcoming fall and winter months.
  • Conversely, searches for landscaping professionals dropped out of the top 5 search terms since Porch's last Data Trends Report. Homeowners have likely already completed their landscaping projects for the summer, and are now looking ahead to preparing their homes for winter by hiring professionals such as electricians, which has increased in the search results since Porch's last report.

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