Porch.com Introduces Monthly Home Maintenance Calendar

Get Advice Page Provides Homeowners With Printable Monthly Home Maintenance Checklists

SEATTLE, Feb. 10, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Porch.com (http://porch.com), a data driven home improvement network, announced today a new monthly installment on the site that provides home maintenance checklists to help homeowners plan their monthly home improvement projects. The column will appear on the Get Advice section and can be accessed by visiting advice.porch.com.

Each month Porch's Editor-in Chief, Anne Reagan, will provide a home maintenance calendar that serves as a checklist for homeowners to assist in prioritizing what home improvement projects should be done each month.

"Our homes are a source of joy but also a constant source of work and effort," says Reagan. "Breaking down prevention and maintenance tasks month-by-month, and doing the right jobs at the right time, will help homeowners and renters stay on top of that long list of chores."

Each month the maintenance calendar will focus on three categories: landscaping, interior, and exterior projects. February's reminder list highlights indoor preventative tips, maintenance reminders, and landscaping preparation.

"Even though many homeowners still see snow and ice, February is a great month to start planning and hiring for the yard and garden," explains Reagan. "Interior projects are also great to get done in the winter before our attention turns to outside tasks."

The maintenance guide not only reminds homeowners of what to do when, but also who to hire when. "Homeowners tend to book a professional when they want the work done, which might be the professional's busiest time of year," states Reagan, who suggests booking professionals three to six months in the advance.

The guide also serves as a reminder for homeowners to plan projects in advance to allow for shipping of materials, building permits and scheduling of crewmembers. For example, instead of hiring a pool contractor in June, consider hiring one in the winter when they have more time to plan, design, permit and install.

The monthly maintenance guide will be released at the start of each month and is printable. For maintenance tips and advice, be sure to read Get Advice http://advice.porch.com/category/repair-prevention-maintenance/.

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